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A nurse who delivers care to terminally ill patients realises he needs emotional healing just like his wards in Michel Franco's tender and provocative character study. David (Tim Roth) is a nurse in Los Angeles, who is assigned to one patient at a time, providing unstinting support to men and women in their hour of need. Withdrawn from the world and socially awkward, David invests all of his energy in his patient and develops unhealthy fixations on them, often blurring the boundaries between truth and fiction as he becomes immersed in their histories. These patients include Sarah (Rachel Pickup), who has Aids, stroke survivor John (Michael Cristofer), and Marta (Robin Bartlett), who is battling cancer. Friends and families of the patients also forge unsettling relationships with David. Sarah's sister (Kari Coleman) is deeply grateful for the tenderness and care he demonstrated in testing circumstances, while John's children channel their rage and grief into an acrimonious court case.