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Janis: Little Girl Blue

Janis Joplin was one of the defining figures of the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Famed for her on-stage bravado, she captured the world's attention with her albums Cheap Thrills and Pearl, and her performance at Woodstock. Her flame burnt brightly before her death in 1971 at age 27. Documentary filmmaker Amy Berg (West Of Memphis) delves into the personal history of the iconic rock'n'roll singer and discovers that Joplin was an insecure and deeply troubled figure, who was haunted by her difficult adolescence in Port Arthur, Texas. She craved acceptance and channelled all of her anguish into her blues music. Using a series of letters written by Joplin to her parents, read by indie rock star Cat Power and made public for the first time, Berg paints a very different portrait of a musical trailblazer, revealing the pain and misunderstanding that fired Joplin's creativity, but also shepherded her to an early grave.