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Yip Man 3

Director Wilson Yip and leading man Donnie Yen reunite for this third period drama inspired by the real-life martial arts grandmaster, who became Bruce Lee's mentor. The year is 1959 and Ip Man (Yen) tends to his wife Wing Sing (Lynn Xiong), who has been diagnosed with cancer. American property tycoon Frank (Mike Tyson) intends to acquire the land belonging to the local school, where Ip Man's youngest son Ip Ching is enrolled. The grandmaster is enraged that Frank's henchmen are terrorising the teaching staff, so he stands guard over the school, aided by fellow parent and fighting man, Cheung (Max Zhang). Together, they repel Frank's goons but Cheung, who participates in brawls for cash, grows increasingly envious of Ip Man's celebrity. Eventually, Cheung is consumed by his jealousy and he plots to usurp Ip Man as the fighting champion of Hong Kong.