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Belle & Sebastian - The Adventure Continues

Christian Duguay takes the director's chair for this sequel to the 2013 French family adventure about a boy and his trusty pooch, who joined forces to outwit the Nazis in their close-knit Alpine village. In the second film, set two years later, Sebastian (Felix Bossuet) nervously awaits the return of his freedom fighter mother, Angelina (Margaux Chatelier). The plane carrying her home crashes in a forest and the plucky boy, his grandfather Cesar (Tcheky Karyo) and trusty dog Belle vow to rescue the matriarch. Local pilot Pierre (Thierry Neuvic) agrees to fly them to the Franco-Italian border, but they are forced to make an emergency landing. The surviving passengers disembark and set off across perilous terrain in search of Angelina. En route, they must contend with a ferocious grizzly bear and overcome a forest fire.