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Hector McAdam (Peter Mullan) lives on the streets with his good friends Hazel (Natalie Gavin) and Dougie (Laurie Ventry). They are content in each other's company, finding shelter in doorways or at motorway service stations. Every Christmas, Hector makes a pilgrimage down south to a homeless shelter for his heaped turkey dinner and the company of strangers. Care worker Sara (Sarah Solemani) saves him a bunk and looks forward to his arrival. This year, Hector plans to use the journey down south to reconnect with his estranged family. He initially seeks out his brother-in-law Derek (Stephen Tompkinson) as a bridge to his sister and brother. Blood should be thicker than water, but the ghosts of the past haunt Hector and some of his acts of kindness are met with disappointment and cruelty.