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A Christmas Star

Noelle O'Hanlon (Erin Galway-Kendrick) was born in dramatic circumstances on December 25 under the Christmas Star and believes that she has been blessed with the ability to perform small miracles. She is never called upon to test this gift in the idyllic, coastal village of Pottersglen, until conniving developer Pat McKerrod (Robert James-Collier) returns home to the close-knit community accompanied by his snivelling son. McKerrod announces an ambitious plan to revive Pottersglen Pottery and the residents, including Noelle's parents Joe (Richard Clements) and Maria (Bronagh Waugh), swallow these lies. However, the girl discovers his real plans for the site and attempts to warn her neighbours about McKerrod's nefarious true intentions. The girl's dire warnings fall on deaf ears and plucky Noelle is forced to face McKerrod alone. She heads to Belfast's historic Stormont building to remind politicians and a media scrum about the true meaning of Christmas.