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The Wolfpack

Oscar Angulo married his wife Susanne and they settled in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Fearful of the outside world, Oscar commanded that his wife should not leave the apartment and she raised and homeschooled six boys - Bhagavan, Govinda, Jagadesh, Krisna, Mukunda and Narayana - and a girl called Visnu. Since Oscar had the only key to the family home, the children were also consigned to the apartment and they learnt about the outside world by watching films. The youngsters recited these films word by word and re-enacted their favourites including Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight and Reservoir Dogs using handmade props. Out of the blue, 15-year-old Mukunda defies his father and escapes from the apartment, wearing a mask to conceal his identity. This flight to freedom provides the spark for Crystal Moselle's fascinating documentary, which journeys inside the Angulo family's home and witnesses the bonds and simmering tensions between the cloistered children and their parents.