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Director Naji Abu Nowar, who was born in the UK but now lives in Jordan, makes a confident feature debut with this vivid portrait of the rituals of a Bedouin community during the First World War. Hussein (Hussein Salameh) is the son of a recently deceased sheikh, who has assumed the responsibility for caring for his inquisitive younger brother Theeb (Jacir Eid). An English soldier (Jack Fox) emerges from the desert with his guide (Marji Audeh) and they are welcomed in the Bedouin camp for the night. Custom dictates that a member of the tribe must accompany the soldier and guide on their travels and Hussein agrees to shepherd the new arrivals to a rendezvous at a well in territory that has fallen into the hands of gun-toting mercenaries. Theeb is blind to the dangers of the expedition and he merrily follows Hussein on his donkey into the wilderness. When the group arrives at the well, armed riders appear on the horizon and target the English soldier. Protected by his brother, Theeb quickly discovers the harsh reality of desert life.