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We Are Many

On February 15, 2003, an estimated 30 million people took to the streets of 800 cities around the world to protest the impending Iraq War. Many of these citizens had never demonstrated before but were compelled to voice their fears about the conflict, catalysing a global movement that was described by The New York Times as the "Second Superpower". Filmed in America, Australia, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK, Amir Amirani's thought-provoking documentary reveals the inside story of the first global demonstration in the words of organisers, activists and high-profile figures who were directly involved in their respective movements. Contributors include actors Danny Glover and Mark Rylance, film director Ken Loach, musicians Brian Eno and Damon Albarn, writer Ron Kovic (Born On The 4th Of July), Reverend Jesse Jackson, Richard Branson and Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.