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The Dark Horse

Based on the inspirational true story of chess genius Genesis Potini, The Dark Horse is a gritty New Zealand drama about one man, afflicted with severe bipolar disorder, who made a difference to countless lives. Genesis (Cliff Curtis) has bounced back and forth between mental institutions but he is granted one final chance to integrate with society under the watchful eye of his estranged brother Ariki (Wayne Hapi), who is the leader of a gang. Ariki's teenage son Mana (James Rolleston) is about to be initiated into the gang, but seems ill-quipped to deal with the brutalities that he will face as part of this brotherhood. Instead, Mana gravitates towards Genesis, who finds his calling as a mentor to a group of children who hope to compete at the national chess championships and prove that they are every bit as good at the game as youngsters from privileged backgrounds.