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Goodbye Children (Au revoir les enfants)

A re-release of Louis Malle's award-winning autobiographical 1987 drama set in occupied France during the bitter winter of 1943. Julien Quentin (Gaspard Manesse) returns to his boarding school, still harbouring resentment towards an institution that takes him away from his home comforts and a pampering mother. A new terms heralds the arrival of three students including a socially awkward boy called Jean Bonnet (Raphael Fejto), whom Julien initially detests. A tender friendship blossoms between the boys after Julien learns that Jean Bonnet is Jewish and is being concealed from the Germans at the school by the compassionate headmaster Pere Jean (Philippe Morier-Genoud). Julien agrees to keep Jean's secret from classmates and his own family but when the Gestapo raids the school, the bond between the youngsters is tested to breaking point.