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A Hard Day's Night

A 50th anniversary re-release of Richard Lester's 1964 comedy adventure, claiming to show a typical day in the life of the Fab Four. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr play larger-than-life versions of themselves in this madcap musical comedy, braving yet another day of television and personal appearances, and the high decibel screams of the thousands of fans who follow them all around London. Wilfrid Brambell plays Paul's meddling and cantankerous grandfather who lands himself (and the band) in all sorts of trouble, including a brief spell in custody at the police station; Victor Spinetti is the highly stressed TV director staring unemployment in the face when his star act goes missing just minutes before a live broadcast. Alun Owen's wonderful screenplay has its tongue planted firmly in cheek for the entire 89 minutes, providing each of the band members with their own distinct personality. John is the dry-witted trouble-maker who enjoys antagonising the press and the other band members (Reporter: "How did you find America?"; John: "Turned left at Greenland.") Paul is the lovable chappy with a permanent grin on his face, George is the scamp with a quick wit, and Ringo is the sweet-natured nice guy who occasionally strays into cod-psychoanalysis (George: "You've got an inferiority complex, you have."; Ringo: "Yeah, I know, that's why I play the drums. It's me active compensatory factor."). A Hard Day's Night is an unmissable treat for fans of The Beatles, featuring some of the band's best known hits including the title track, I Should Have Known Better, And I Love Her, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, If I Fell, Tell Me Why, Can't Buy Me Love, She Loves You and I Wanna Be Your Man.