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Princess Mononoke

An all-star cast lends its voices to the American version of Hayao Miyazaki's blockbusting animated fable. When a Curse God threatens his small village, brave warrior Ashitaka (voiced by Billy Crudup) slays the God, but curses himself in the process. The wise women of the village tell Ashitaka to travel west to find the Forest Spirit, whose overwhelming power will cure him. He arrives in the settlement of Irontown and befriends its ruler, Lady Eboshi (Minnie Driver). The town is under siege from the Wolf God, Moro (Gillian Anderson), and her followers, and Ashitaka helps to defend the settlement. During an attempt on Eboshi's life, Ashitaka meets San (Claire Danes), the human daughter of Moro and so-called "Princess Mononoke", and they initially fight. After the Forest Spirit has healed his wounds (though not removed his curse), Ashitaka and San find themselves growing closer to one another, caught between the warring factions.