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When Jolene (Heather Graham) says "Till death do us part," she's not fooling



When Graham is ditched by her husband (Luke Wilson), she rents a clunker and heads to El Paso, Texas, discovering that not only her marriage but also her faith and sanity are at stake in this clever, original comedy. Through Graham's odyssey, the film explores issues of honor and promise while never getting preachy or pretentious. The script is funny yet never slapsticky. And though touching, the films never falls prey to drippy sentimentality.


Always a bride's maid and never a bride (with knockout supporting turns in

"Boogie Nights" and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"), Graham finally takes command in her first lead role. Her face is as expressive as it is beautiful, as she gently glides from strong to comical to vulnerable. This surely won't be her last starring role. Casey Affleck comfortably fits as Graham's dopey but loyal brother, who half-wittedly forgets that Jolene is his sister. When he gives her a sensual kiss she responds by reminding him, "I'm married, and I'm your sister." He replies "Oh, yeah." Wilson restrains from playing the stray husband as a cartoon villain and gives us a cad who's hard to hate.


This was obviously a labor of love for writer/director Lisa Krueger, and every bit of her passion shows onscreen. She gives the actors a spotlight to shine in, paints a beautiful picture of the Texas desert and trusts the audience with her vivid characters. Krueger's graceful touch turns Jolene's warm naiveté into something refreshingly strong and hopeful.

Bottom Line

All the above and a sexy cast. You can't go wrong.