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Celebrated Israeli director Eytan Fox (Yossi) embraces the kitsch power of the Eurovision Song Contest for this colourful and flamboyant comedy of musical mishaps and social faux pas featuring an upbeat original soundtrack by Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters. Kindergarten teacher Ofer (Ofer Schecter) and his five gal pals Anat (Anat Waxman), Dana (Dana Ivgy), Efrat (Efrat Dor), Keren (Keren Berger) and Yael (Yael Bar-Zohar) excitedly gather around a TV set to watch Universong, Israel's search for a song to represent the country at Eurovision. The winning act disappoints Ofer and co. Joking that they could write a better pop ditty, the six friends compose an impromptu song and record it on a mobile 'phone. The performance goes viral and the Universong judges are ecstatic, inviting Ofer and his friends to step into the spotlight and seize Eurovision glory. Despite the misgivings of his closeted boyfriend Alon (Alon Levi), Ofer readies his sequins and sparkles, joining his songbird sisters on the road to pop nirvana.