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The Rocket

Residents of Laos believe that 10-year-old boy Ahlo (Sitthiphon Disamoe) is cursed and every time misfortune befalls the community, they hold the child responsible. Fulfilling this grim prophecy, Ahlo's family lose their house and are forced to move. As the youngster embarks on a search for a new home, he meets a spirited orphan called Kia (Loungnam Kaosainan) and her eccentric uncle, an ex-soldier called Purple (Suthep Po-ngam) who is obsessed with singer James Brown. These three lost souls find friendship and a sense of belonging. In order to prove that he is not cursed after all, Ahlo boldly attempts to build an explosive rocket for an annual festival. In a war-ravaged country on the brink of monumental change, Ahlo looks to the heavens for forgiveness and the chance to start anew.