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Ernest and Celestine (Ernest et Celestine)

A young mouse and a lonely bear forge an unexpected friendship in this animated adventure based on the children's books illustrated by Gabrielle Vincent. Celestine the mouse (voiced by Pauline Brunner) must follow her rodent destiny and become a dentist. As part of her training, she ventures above ground to collect the lost teeth of bear cubs, taking great care to avoid the adult animals, who Celestine has been told are evil. During one foray, Celestine is forced to hide in a rubbish bin for safety and the next morning, she encounters a bear called Ernest (Lambert Wilson), who hasn't eaten for days and thinks the mouse would make a tasty snack. So Celestine helps the bear to find some food and a bond of trust is forged between the two animals. The friendship blossoms but other mice and bears are not so accepting of a relationship between the species.