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Holy Motors

Leos Carax's dreamlike drama sharply divided critics at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and UK audiences should react with similar passion or disdain to the French writer-director's surreal vision. Monsieur Oscar (Denis Lavant) travels in the back of a stretched limousine driven by trusty chauffeur Celine (Edith Scob). The enigmatic Oscar has a busy schedule of 'appointments' to fulfil and as his car glides around the French capital, he changes into numerous costumes and latex masks to adopt the guise of a gnarly beggar, a dying paterfamilias, an expert assassin and a deformed monster, who kidnaps a beautiful model called Kay M (Eva Mendes) from a fashion shoot. For his final meeting of the day, he encounters fellow chameleon Eva Grace (Kylie Minogue), who has been slipping between roles like him and greets Oscar with a heartbreaking lament as they wander through the shell of an abandoned building.