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Where Do We Go Now? (Et maintenant on va oł?)

The women of an isolated Lebanese village plot to unite warring Christian and Muslim factions in Nadine Labaki's uplifting comedy. Following more bloodshed and enmity, mayor's wife Yvonne (Yvonne Maalouf) and the other women hatch a series of hare-brained schemes to bring about peace between the men. They sabotage TVs to ensure news coverage cannot inflame tensions and recruit a troupe of sexy Ukrainian showgirls to distract the men from their feud. Doting mother Takla (Claude Baz Moussawbaa) conceals the death of her beloved son Nassim (Kevin Abboud) to avoid reprisals while devout Christian Amale (Labaki) fans the flames of romance with Muslim Rabih (Julien Farhat).