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The Bad and the Beautiful

A 60th anniversary re-release of Vincente Minnelli's drama about personal strife within the film industry, which collected five Academy Awards including Best Supporting Actress for Gloria Grahame. Jonathan Shields (Kirk Douglas) is the son of a movie-making titan, who made a lot of enemies in the industry. So much so, Jonathan was forced to hire background actors to attend the old man's funeral in the guise of mourners to give the impression that he was well-liked. Like father, like son, Jonathan also makes his mark in Hollywood and rubs people up the wrong way. So when he floats his latest project and attempts to woo director Fred Amiel (Barry Sullivan), screenwriter James Lee Bartlow (Dick Powell) and leading lady Georgia Lorrison (Lana Turner), all three turn him down. In desperation, producer Harry Pebbel (Walter Pidgeon) arranges a face-to-face meeting with these talented individuals, hoping to use his charm to iron out their huge differences with Jonathan.