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Pretty Woman

Re-released on Valentine's Day to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary, Pretty Woman pairs Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the rags to riches fairytale of a down on her luck prostitute, Vivian, who is plucked off the streets of Los Angeles by handsome and commitment-shy businessman, Edward Lewis. Offered an obscene amount of money to be his companion for the week, Vivian slowly but surely wins her way into Edward's affections, offering him the chance of a long-term relationship he never thought possible or practical. Vivian also makes a big impression on kind hotel manager Barney (Hector Elizondo), who helps her to become a well-dressed lady. However, Vivian's past threatens to sour the bond between Edward and business partner Stuckey (Jason Alexander), who fears that the working girl with a heart of gold will wreck everything that he and Edward have built together.