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The Muppet Christmas Carol

Kermit The Frog and co put their comedic spin on Dickens's festive fable, replete with a rollicking contemporary soundtrack, as The Muppet Christmas Carol returns to selected cinemas during the Yuletide season. This 25th anniversary reissue of Brian Henson's irresistible picture is narrated by author Dickens (Gonzo The Great), who invites us to learn from the mistakes of money lender Ebenezer Scrooge (Sir Michael Caine). The penny-pinching curmudgeon turns his back on his nephew Fred (Steven Mackintosh) and begrudgingly agrees to let his staff including Bob Cratchit (Kermit) have Christmas Day off to celebrate with their loved ones. Scrooge's recently deceased business partners, Jacob and Robert Marley (Statler and Waldorf), pay a visit to the miser and inform Scrooge to expect the Ghost Of Christmas Past, the Ghost Of Christmas Present and the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come. Travelling through time, Scrooge is reminded of the joys of the festive season by flashbacks to his formative years employed by Mr Fozziwig (Fozzie Bear) and a romance with the beautiful Belle (Meredith Braun). Scrooge also witnesses the trials and tribulations of Bob and his wife Emily (Miss Piggy), whose sickly son Tiny Tim (Robin The Frog) may not survive the winter.