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What's Your Number?

In the romantic comedy What's Your Number?, Anna Faris plays Ally Darling, a fun-loving 30-something who learns via a magazine article that a woman's chances of marrying become infinitesimal if she's slept with more than 20 men - a number which just so happens to be Ally's exact tally. Apparently the highly suggestible sort, she accepts the magazine's somewhat dubious findings at face value. Loath to embrace a spinster future, she gives up sex and concocts a scheme to revisit each of her past lovers to see if any of them might actually be The One, enlisting the aid of Colin (Chris Evans), a crass but amiable ladies' man from across the hall who dabbles in detective work, to track them down.

The immutable laws of rom-com dynamics dictate what happens next. One by one, Ally pursues each of her exes to see if any of her old flames might be worth reigniting, even as it becomes increasingly obvious that she and Colin are meant for each other. Ally's quixotic endeavor lands her in one awkward and humiliating situation after another. True love eludes her; laughter eludes us. Faris is one of the most skilled comedic actresses in Hollywood today, but even her formidable talents can't do much with the hackneyed scenarios proffered by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden's middling script.

Faris and Evans make a pleasing pair, and their chemistry is one of the few aspects of What's Your Number? that doesn't feel forced. It's what keeps it afloat in between each unfunny gag. Sure, Ally and Colin's eventual union is telegraphed from the opening frames, but that isn't necessarily a problem. What is a problem is the story's slavish adherence to formula, which renders not just the outcome but also the preceding plot points achingly predictable.

What's Your Number?'s R rating and saucy subject matter portend raunch, but in truth the film's humor is actually quite tame, save for a handful of filthy lines. For all its flaws, the script is not without wit. There just isn't nearly enough of it. rated this film 2 1/2 stars.