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Just Go with It

There are two ways to watch a film like Just Go With It. The first is to look at the characters and situations as if they existed in the real world. Through this lens, as with most Hollywood productions, the story is far-fetched and trite, the characters too stereotypical to stomach. However, even if you leave practicality at home and, well, just go with it, it's hard to find anything to enjoy in Adam Sandler's new movie about a playboy plastic surgeon that convinces his assistant to pose as his ex-wife in an attempt to woo a new lady friend.

Danny Maccabee is afraid of having his heart broken like it was when he was in medical school, so he uses his would-be wedding ring from a disastrous engagement as a chick magnet, because, you know, all single ladies love married men. However, when he finally meets and beds the girl of his dreams, the tactic backfires as she thinks she's just wrecked a home. Enter Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), Danny's ordinary (well, ordinary when compared to bombshell Brooklyn Decker) office mule who is lured into an ever-expanding web of lies so that he can win his Ms. Right.

The film's weakest link is its script from writers Timothy Dowling (Role Models) and Allan Loeb (The Switch). Their simple story relies heavily on Sandler's tried-and-true formula of physical gags and broad family humor, offering the audience nothing they haven't seen before and virtually no organic comedy. While the premise and principle players are very predictable, the supporting cast injects some life into the picture, most notably young starlet-in-training Bailee Madison, whose cutesiness is the only thing I didn't get sick of throughout the film. Honorable mentions also go to Nick Swardson as Sandler's crazy cousin and Nicole Kidman, who ought to try her hand at comedy more often.

Unfortunately, their charm doesn't compensate for the film's uneven pacing. I was incredibly bored throughout the second act, which is hampered by scenes that play longer than they should, but biggest conundrum is Sandler himself: the main draw in Just Go With It as well as its most unlikable element. His character's arc, not to mention his performance, is about as artificial as the breasts he gives his clients. Not only is Maccabee a self-centered liar; his deceptions go unpunished as he coasts through the film's climax into happily-ever-after territory. Some will accept, even embrace the Hollywood ending, but the conclusion is a loss for Aniston's character, who is otherwise pleasant to watch. A dignified single mother, she's at first reluctant to help Danny due to the immoral nature of his plan but falls for him because he eventually develops a relationship with the kids. I guess she didn't see him throw them in the mud earlier in the movie.

Generally speaking, the greatest strength a contemporary romantic comedy has is its funny factor, but director Dennis Dugan unexpectedly creates a comfortable quixotic vibe in Just Go With It, which is surprising considering his past endeavors with Sandler (among them I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Grown Ups). It doesn't make up for the lack of natural laughs, but will sate the target audiences' appetite for a harmless and forgettable Valentine's Day snack. rated this film 1 1/2 stars.