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The Secret of Kells

Nominated as Best Animated Film at the 2010 Academy Awards, The Secret Of Kells is a colourful, hand-drawn adventure directed by Tomm Moore, which proves that strong storytelling is vital to engage viewers of all ages. Brendan (voiced by Evan McGuire) is the youngest monk in a monastery which operates under the dictates of the Abbot (Brendan Gleeson). Brother Aidan (Mick Lally), a traveller, arrives bearing the ancient manuscript of the Book of Kells. However, many of the pages are incomplete and Aidan needs vibrant green ink, extracted from nuts which grow outside the monastery walls. In order to help Aidan complete the book, Brendan must disobey the Abbot. Consequently, the young brother embarks on a series of wondrous adventures that widen his perspective on the outside world.