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I Dreamed of Africa

In search of a new life after a horrible car accident, Kim Basinger moves to Africa only to discover the land that she dreamed would give her newfound strength also hands her plenty of tough lessons.


Does ... this ... movie ... really ... have ... to ... be ... nearly ... two

... hours ... long? By showing Basinger's character's extensive adjustment to life in the bush, the film eventually manages to tell the story of one woman's quest to find strength through her pain. Not too original.


Though Basinger doesn't give the Academy-caliber performance she did in

"L.A. Confidential," she does manage to draw you in. She's most powerful in her dramatic roles and, in this movie, the drama comes when she attempts to deal with the loss of her loved ones. Sadly, the dashing Vincent Perez as her new husband is forgettable.


In telling this story, Hugh Hudson takes his time ... too much time. Easily, "I

Dreamed of Africa" could stand to lose at least 20 minutes. Hudson does know, however, how to get the best work out of Basinger. And kudos to the cinematographer. The vastness of the African landscape and the beauty of its sunsets are a treat.

Bottom Line

Not a terrible film to see ... that is, if you have the time.