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Hannah Montana: The Movie



With a built-in rabid fan base from its five seasons on the Disney Channel, it was only natural that Hannah Montana would find her way to theaters. And for the faithful, it doesn't disappoint. The plot for the movie version has Miley Stewart in over her head because her secret pop persona, Hannah Montana, is overwhelming every part of her life. When her father decides enough is enough and takes her back to their home town of Crowley Corners, Tenn., she finds that it's not so easy to adjust again to country life. But with the help of some just plain folks and a budding romance, Miley discovers there's more to being successful than just show business, fame and fortune.


Miley Cyrus takes her wildly successful Hannah Montana persona to the movies, fills it with heart and scores on the big screen. She's sweet, funny and beguiling in a role that, of course, fits her like a glove. With all or part of 13 songs and musical numbers, she also proves her hit-making abilities are no fluke with standouts like a hip-hop hoedown and the emotive "The Climb," which she socks home in a concert sequence near the end. Father Billy Ray Cyrus pretty much plays himself and seems comfortable in the role, if nothing more. As her grandmother, Margo Martindale is warm and always dispensing nuggets of advice. Lucas Till makes an awkwardly offbeat romantic interest as her childhood friend who sees the real Miley behind the Hannah mask, and there's nice support from Jason Earles as her brother and Emily Osment as a best friend. Vanessa Williams is also around, bookending the film as Miley's trusted protector and publicist. And look for quick cameos from Taylor Swift and Tyra Banks.


No one is going to win any Oscars, but the Hannah Montana movie version goes down easy and makes a natural theatrical transition smartly returning the star to her country roots and giving the film a different flavor than the sitcom from which it emerged.


Like any homogenized Disney product, it all seems a little too contrived and too pat at times, but the enormous kid audience to whom it's aimed won't care a bit.


They may be stealing one of the oldest gags in comedy, but the dueling-dinners scene in which Miley and Hannah keep switching personas is amusingly played out and perfectly timed. Cyrus really gets to show her comic chops here.


If you have a daughter, it's inevitably gonna be both.



Bottom Line rated this film 3 stars.