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Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Those cutie Jonases coming at you in 3-D is definitely quite the experience!


Of course, the film is even better if you're female between the ages of 9 through 15 -- and have a fully functional set of lungs to scream your heart out. My goodness, what a stir these boys create among the 'tween set, but it makes sense. Girls have been screaming for boy bands since, well, forever, and Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas fit the bill perfectly. Their songs are those serviceable pop tunes anyone can tap their toes to, and they genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves. More importantly, the film shows how their meteoric rise to stardom since appearing with Miley Cyrus on her concert tour last year continually surprises the boys, but in their kindest of hearts, the brothers really do care about their fans.


There are also some behind-the-scenes moments the Jonas Brothers' fans will enjoy, especially the opening scene in which the boys' oversized caretaker/bodyguard "Big Rob" wakes them up at 4:30 in the morning to start their very long day. The brothers kid around with each other during their early morning breakfast and then it's off to the races, including a Austin Powers-esque scene, in which team Jonas are chased by a gaggle of screaming girls. Looks like the guys might have some comedic chops. Actually, the film could have benefitted with a few more of these moments. But mostly, it's the boys on stage, doing what they do, with guest stars Demi Lovato of Camp Rock fame and Taylor Swift. These two girls aren't nearly as much fun to watch.


Director Bruce Hendricks (ESPN's Ultimate X) has waaaay too much fun with this directing gig. Either that, or he urges the Jonas Brothers to go for it and use the 3-D technology as much as they can. This means throwing drumsticks, sticking their cute mugs and generally hamming it up in front of the specialized cameras. There's even a point in which the boys hose down the screaming throngs with foam, which leaves those of us in the audience feeling as if we have some in our own hair. 3-D is the way to go these days, and this Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience certainly wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining without it.

Bottom Line rated this film 3 stars.