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Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour

Here it is! The Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds 3-D concert movie spectacular to fulfill your little girls' wildest dreams--and at a considerably lower rate than the live concert.


Welcome to the phenomenon that is Hannah Montana--a one-girl-show money machine generated by the Mouse House whizzes themselves. There's the Disney Channel show, the CDs, the direct-to-DVDs, and now the world tour--both live on stage and in the multiplexes--all of which seem to have some kind of stranglehold over the 'tweeners of the female persuasion (and more than a few boys, too, even though they wouldn't dare admit it). Best of Both Worlds taps right into this fan base, highlighting Miley Cyrus as both her alter TV ego and as herself. There's also Miley's special guests, the Jonas Brothers--another Disney-manufactured boy band--who do a quick set in the middle. The film itself doesn't go much beyond the standard concert movie (i.e. behind-the-scenes rehearsals and conversations, interspersed between the musical numbers on stage). When Hannah/Miley kicks it into gear on stage, however, you can't help but get caught up in her bubble-gum pop, tinged with a fair amount of rock and roll.


Miley Cyrus may not be Madonna, but her showmanship and professionalism on stage are worth marveling at for such a young age (she's all of 16). This girl works hard--between the hit show, her schoolwork and the concert tour, one wonders when she has time for herself. Miley does try to appear like a normal teen, kidding around with the band members and the other dancers, but you can see how all this attention might affect her. For example, she winks a lot--at the camera, at her audience--as if she's saying, "Just doing my job, but look how cute I am." Still, there's something about the charismatic Miley, who looks much better with the Hannah Montana blonde wig off. It's also obvious she grew up in a household of music, especially in the small moments with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, in the film. But what's going to happen when she grows up? Let's hope her voice matures a little and she can really let loose her rock-and-roll tendencies. Either that or she'll be a wacky comedian on film and TV. She's got the potential for both--but she'll probably never have the same fame she has right now.


Like I said, there isn't anything overtly cool about Best of Both Worlds, as far as concert movies go. The 3-D aspect works, making you feel like you are there, and frankly, no other concert movie should ever be filmed any other way ever again. But director Bruce Hendricks--best known for executive producing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as well as the ESPN flick Ultimate X: The Movie--doesn't employ any fancy tricks or behind-the-scenes confessionals. Interviewing some of the fans is a cute bit, as girl after young girl screams her head off for the camera. And that's exactly who Best of Both Worlds is for--Hannah Montana's rabid young fans. There is no way your little girl won't walk out of that theater jazzed and ready to play her Hannah Montana CD over and over and over, wearing her own blonde wig and carrying her own make-believe microphone. Or a real microphone, if you've been suckered into buying the Hannah Montana karaoke machine. So, just sit back and enjoy the fun and glitter and toe-tappin' music with your young one--and about 20 of her friends.

Bottom Line rated this film 2 1/2 stars.