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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

How can a movie with such talented performers and such an original concept seem so entirely like a re-tread? Help them Superman!


A guy who usually doesn't have luck with the ladies, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) has finally found the perfect girl. Egged on by his buddy Vaughn (Rainn Wilson), Matt pursues the mousy and innocent-looking Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) after the two meet on a subway. But Jenny has a few secrets--and what Matt doesn't know in this case, can hurt him. See, Jenny is really G-Girl, a superhero, and although it's a side most superheroes don't show, G-Girl is a bit possessive and essentially has a borderline personality. So, when Matt wants to dump her so he can go out with his quiet and cute co-worker, Hannah (Anna Faris), Jenny, er, G-Girl goes ballistic. She unleashes her superpowers on Matt and unsuspecting Hannah, doing things like throwing a shark through his window while they're making out, tossing his car around, immature things like that. What Matt doesn't do is obey the cardinal rule: Never break up with a girl when she's holding a knife--or when she can throw you through a wall by blowing on you.


This should be Luke Wilson's moment to shine, and he seizes it. He's had little chance to break away from his goofier-looking and more popular brother Owen and has never carried a movie as much as this one. It's perhaps his meatiest role, in which he gets to show a restrained comedic side as well as a dramatic, angry and perplexed side. Although it's a typical romantic comedy plot, the storyline allows for more reach because of the absurd nature of the jealousy by G-Girl"s arch nemesis Professor Bedlam, played perfectly by Brit comic Eddie Izzard, as well as the persistently bad advice from Matt"s friend Vaughn, played by scene-stealer Rainn Wilson (TV's The Office). Rainn is a definitely a talent to watch out for. Unfortunately, Thurman is the biggest disappointment. She's exciting only when she rekindles her Kill Bill persona but is mostly outshined by the cute and fun Anna Faris, who's so naively brilliant in the Scary Movie spoofs.


Expectations would have to be high if you have director Ivan Reitman on board, the guy behind such classic comedies as Animal House, Ghostbusters and Dave. Perhaps that's why it's so disappointing--and so very familiar. The comic moments are retreads from the past. Sure, we've seen the odd moments where mortals make it with super-human characters--Superman II, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie--and every once in a while the character with super powers gets a bit peeved and goes off the deep end. The best contribution Reitman makes is to keep the over-the-top comedic aspects in check. He doesn"t have the actors play it for laughs. But if you look at past history, female superhero movies don't seem to do well at the box office (Elektra and Catwoman, anyone?), maybe because guys don't like to take dates to see movies about women who will kick their butts. And, guys will be cringing in their seats BIG time when Jenny is trying to analyze the real meaning of the color of a rose that she just got. ''Red means that you're in love with the girl. Of course, I'm not trying to pressure you.'' Ugh! Just take the flower.

Bottom Line rated this film 1 1/2 stars.