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Me, Myself & Irene

Double the personalities, double the fun.


Ever been pushed around? Jim Carrey's had enough as he's reunited with his ''Dumb and Dumber'' directors in this revenge/wish-fulfillment fantasy. This time he's Charlie, a mild-mannered state trooper and lovable doormat so in denial that he explains away his wife's delivery of black triplets on his great-grandmother's half-Italian heritage. His missus' exit proves too much for the schmuck, and he goes schizo, transforming ''Mask''-like into a goofy sadist named Hank. Charlie/Hank wind up on the run with fetching fugitive Irene (Renee Zellweger) and compete for her affections.


Carrey-philes can stop whining about Carrey denying his comic destiny for Oscar-hungry dramatics. He's back with a manic vengeance. The benefits of Carrey's quest to be Master Thespian pay off as he builds a character (or two) that we can genuinely care about without skimping on the shenanigans. The showpiece here is his one-man brawl, a smacking, pummeling display of physical comedy brilliance. Like Cameron Diaz in the Farrellys' ''There's Something About Mary,'' Rene Zellweger is everything a film heroine should be. She's feisty, captivating and can kickbox a mean right to the jaw.


Not every director could make a film with Hollywood's $20 million man and keep it edgy and raw. Nothing is sacred here. But in between the ninja midgets, homicidal albinos, cow executions and several sore rear ends, the bros have made a romantic, on-the-lam road movie that, unlike most studio comedies, is actually funny.

Bottom Line

Shocking, disgusting, juvenile and totally recommended!