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Agent Cody Banks

To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen--he loves to skateboard, hates math, and feels like a complete idiot around girls. But Cody's got a secret--he's actually part of a teen CIA program.


When he was 12 years old, Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) was recruited to attend a summer camp secretly run by the CIA. Four years later, the Agency comes knocking on his door with a mission: He must get close to Natalie Connors (Hilary Duff), a prep school student in Cody's home town and the daughter of a scientist developing deadly nanobot technology for the evil organization ERIS. Problem is, Cody is not the most confident guy when it comes to girls, and meeting Natalie proves to be a mission in itself. Luckily for Cody, his agency mentor is the stunning Ronica Miles (Angie Harmon), who knows a thing or two about relationships. Cody must now prove himself as an agent and stop ERIS from completing its mission. Can he do it? And more importantly, will he get the girl? With its crop of predictable gadgets and two-dimensional villains, Agent Cody Banks, MGM's answer to James Bond for 'tweens, is not too imaginative. But its likeable cast and characters make this pic a tolerable undertaking.


Muniz is only 16 years old but he's hardly a newcomer to Hollywood. He stars in Fox's hit sitcom Malcolm in the Middle and has two features, My Dog Skip and Big Fat Liar, under his belt. Muniz doesn't come across as a manufactured Hollywood kid actor and there is something refreshing about the fact that he doesn't use puppy dog eyes or speak childishly to wring sympathy out of moviegoers. He possesses an intelligence that comes through in his work, especially here where he plays a quick-thinking operative. Duff, meanwhile, stars in her own hit Disney Channel series Lizzie Maguire, a comedy about a young teenager and her animated alter ego. In Cody Banks, Duff plays Natalie, a smart and clever teen who doesn't have to follow the pack to be popular. Together, Duff and Muniz make a snappy little onscreen duo. Rounding out the cast is Harmon (formerly of NBC's Law and Order) as Cody's proctor. Harmon obviously saw the humor in this part and ran with it. You'll love her leather outfits and shoulder-pad stuffed cleavage.


Director Harald Zwart's pint-sized secret agent flick is packed with silly but entertaining action sequences. The film starts off on a high as Cody jumps on his skateboard to save a toddler trapped inside a runaway car in a thrilling high-speed rescue. Although Agent Cody Banks has some lively action, the storyline is a bit derivative and follows the basic spy formula of good versus evil, complete with bald, scarred villains seeking to destroy the world for no reason other than to be, well, evil. The gadgets--an important part of any spy movie--are also basic fare (think suction cup shoes and x-ray vision glasses). But the film is still fun to watch because a) it only runs 96 minutes, leaving little time for boredom to set in, b) it's got a really likeable cast and c) it doesn't take itself seriously. Zwart, who directed the 2001 comedy One Night at McCool's, lightens the film with some humorous touches here and there, including playing Nelly's ''Hot in Herre'' whenever Ronica Miles makes a sultry entrance.

Bottom Line

Although the concept behind Agent Cody Banks is a little uninspired, it's still an enjoyable 'tween pic thanks to its likeable cast.