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Spy Kids 2 : The Island Of Lost Dreams

Wily kid spies Carmen and Juni Cortez are back for more action as they must stop a mad scientist in hiding on a mysterious island from using a device that wipes out all the world's technology.


There was a fresh quality to the original Spy Kids. The idea of two children finding out their parents were superspies whom they wind up having to rescue showed a new twist on kid empowerment. Unfortunately that fresh imagination, which appealed to audiences and catapulted the original into a smash hit, is not as prevalent in the sequel. What writer/director Robert Rodriguez does instead is further the story along; now there is a whole new branch of kid spies at the OSS. Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) and older sister Carmen (Alexa Vega) are now star Level 2 agents, but brother/sister agents Gerti (Emily Osment) and Gary (Matt O'Leary) Giggles are quickly becoming stars in their own right. The two rivaling duos set off on a mission to a mysterious island, their objective to locate and destroy a device that could wipe out all the world's technology. On the island they discover weird animals roaming around, created by a mad scientist (Steve Buscemi) who is hiding somewhere on the island. Juni and Carmen soon run into big trouble when their gadgets and gizmos don't work. They have to use their wits to figure things out, but a little help from the whole family--dad Gregorio (Antonio Banderas), mom Ingrid (Carla Gugino) and their grandparents (Holland Taylor and Ricardo Montalban)--doesn't hurt either. The time has come for a little family power to save the day.


Vega and Sabara continue to do a nice job in their roles as Carmen and Juni, especially Vega. It is fun to see how she's grown up over the last year. Carmen is a young woman now and her amorous feelings towards Gary Giggles add a nice touch to her character. The interesting mother/daughter conflict between Carmen and Ingrid, which was explored in the original, has now switched to a conflict between Juni and his dad. Gregorio feels like his son doesn't need him anymore now that Juni is a super kid spy. It doesn't hold up quite as well. Sabara gets a little romance of his own in the form of the U.S. president's daughter (played by How the Grinch Stole Christmas's Taylor Momsen) and he handles the chores as little leading man well. Osment (who is a spitting image of her older, more famous, real-life brother Haley Joel) and O'Leary make nice additions to the story as the rival Giggles, and if there's a third Spy Kids, we hope they'll be a part of it. As far as the adults, Banderas does well with his comedic moments, but he and Gugino almost seem like caricatures of the loving parents they fleshed out so well in Spy Kids. Taylor, Montalban and Buscemi are simply wasted. Period.


Spy Kids 2 relies more on special effects and gadgetry than the original did and that's a shame. The heart of Spy Kids was about family and trust, but Rodriguez has chosen to focus more on the spy aspects than family issues in the sequel. Of course, some may disagree with this assessment because the theme of family is certainly prevalent in Spy Kids 2. It just seems much more superficial and forced than the first. The thing to point out, however, is the special effects are not nearly as spectacular as they could have been. If the film is hyping itself as action-packed with gadgets galore, then one might expect glorious visuals. Instead, the effects are reminiscent of the early '70s Sinbad B-movies, even down to Juni and Carmen fighting skeletons. And the island looks more like it should belong to Dr. Moreau, with odd combo animals like the spider-monkey (half spider, half monkey, of course) and the slizard (you can guess). Maybe Rodriguez intended to use this particular style and if he did, he should be told it didn't really work that well.

Bottom Line

Even though it's not nearly as engaging as the original, and with special effects that leave much to the imagination, Spy Kids 2 still has enough fun-filled action for the kids to enjoy.