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  4. The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu

The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu (15)

Living alone in a Romanian apartment block, with only his cats to keep him company, Mr Lazarescu has been struck down with a headache for four days, and now he is beginning to suffer stomach pains. Reluctantly, Lazarescu allows his neighbours to ring for an ambulance. Paramedic Mioara examines the patient, noticing the strong smell of alcohol, as well as the swelling in his stomach. Fearing possible complications, Mioara asks Mr Lazarescu to accompany her to hospital in an ambulance driven by Leo. As the vehicle races through the night, Mioara and her patient encounter hospital bureaucracy and indifference, as the tired medical staff struggle to meet the needs of the gravely ill and elderly, with only meagre resources at their disposal.

Running Time: 154 minutes
Director: Cristi Puiu
Cast: Ion Fiscuteanu, Luminita Gheorghiu, Gabriel Spahiu