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UK film classification.htm  Lights Out

When Mark Daniels, a 33 year old born and bred Londoner and married father to Rebekha, 6, suddenly loses his job after 15 years at Canon Construction, he turns to childhood friend, Sam Prior for help. Sam, a successful bank manager, offers Mark a temporary job to help him get back on his feet. Soon after it seems, Mark's string of bad luck is just beginning to unfold when he loses his mother suddenly to a heart attack. He suffers blow after blow and Sam offers Mark a more permanent job. Their close friendship is soon tested, however, and loyalty is questioned when Sam shows up late one night at the house visibly shaken. Mark later learns of a fatal hit and run accident when he discovers the story on the local news the following morning. Mark suspects his friend Sam is somehow involved and risks their friendship to find the truth, however, the tables quickly turn when Mark is the one arrested and charged for the hit and run incident, his past DUI's as a youth make him a prime suspect ...

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