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UK film classification.htm  Fatih'in Fedaisi Kara Murat

Kara Murat is a dark-haired, brave and strong young raider. He is a warrior who could run into the Byzantine army just by himself and change the course of the battle fought in Serbia between Ottoman and Byzantine empires. He patrols the Ottoman borders along with the raiders and catches the attention of The Byzantine. During the battle, Kara Murat proves to be such a brave and fearless man. He would then do his best to defend his land, his people, Ottoman Empire and his family. Orhan Celebi, younger brother of Sultan Murat only aims for the throne. However, Sultan Murat leaves the throne to his son and a new era begins with Sultan Mehmet: A young, brave and believing man. The ones who think Sultan Mehmet is weak takes advantage of this and they come up with evil plans.

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