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UK film classification.htm  The Circle

Sarah and Matt are expecting their first child and have made the decision to move out of the rat race city to a more peaceful lifestyle, at least on the surface. The story begins as a relaxing weekend with friends, Bree and Dave, but turns complicated as Sarah's delinquent brother Eric rolls unexpectedly into town. Along with his incendiary attitude, Eric brings his girlfriend Skye, and desire to upset the norm. After the discovery of a lone grave on the couple's new property, Eric challenges the group to a ghost hunt. Dave, who has knowledge of the area, offers up a location: an old, burned-down prison. Despite warnings from a local deputy to stay clear of the mountains, Sarah reluctantly drops the group near the site. Upon exploring the jail, they encounter terrors both of this world and beyond as they unfold the mysteries of the fire, the inmates, and what is left in the ashes. Sarah, in her advanced pregnancy, is witness to horrors that leave her to question her purpose, destiny, ...

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