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UK film classification.htm  Bu Iste Bir Yalnizlk Var

Until a few years ago, Mehmet was a promising musician who had been composing his own music and playing in a band. In his late 30's, he is now an ex-musician, distant from music, divorced and living from hand to mouth. He makes a living with fixing guitars and giving private lessons to a few people. The only thing that makes him holding on to his life is his 9 year old daughter Ezgi, who he can only see once a week. Mehmet has been living with his friend Ayse and her husband at the same building for years. One night Ayse and her husband get in a vicious fight and her husband leaves the house. Curious about the situation, Mehmet knock on Ayse's door. Both Mehmet's and Ayse's lives take a turn right at that moment...

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