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UK film classification.htm  Apna Sapna Money Money

Apna Sapna Money Money revolves around a bunch of madcap characters that eat, drink, sleep and worship money. A fast-paced situational comedy, it is glorified by an ensemble of assorted and interesting characters. The story revolves around a mechanic, a conman, a club dancer, an upright cop, an obsessed father & his homely daughter, a tabela owner, a ruthless gangster, a deadly don & his moll and an unpredictable dog. A journey filled with rib-tickling moments throughout. If one runs after money, the other runs after love and the one who runs after love eventually runs after money. A hilarious journey of 11, a limitless quest for money, and a twisting and turning tale of love; the money swings around them and creates amusing and maddening circumstances. A dramatic turn evolves when all the characters starts looking for the hidden diamonds that are worth a lump-sum! Greed. Craze. Obsession. Fun. Takes over. And a madcap comedy of crime, love and complete zaniness continues... don't be too surprised if by the end it turns into your own SAPNA! Money Money!

139 Minutes
Contains moderate sex references
Musical, Romance

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