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Online DVD rentals

You may find the following guidelines and tips useful if you want to rent UK DVDs online. You can also search the list of local DVD and video libraries to find a rental outlet near you.

How online DVD rentals works

Most online DVD rentals sites operate in the same way, so here is a step by step guide to online DVD rentals.

Search or browse the library of DVDs and add your desired DVDs to your selection list. The number of DVDs you can borrow at any one time depends on your chosen option (see below). Your DVDs will be sent to you by 1st class post. Watch them at your leisure and then simply return them in the pre-paid 1st class envelope. You will then receive your next set of DVDs from your selected list.

Keep your DVDs as long as you like

With most DVD Rentals you can keep your DVDs as long as you like and there are no late fees or due dates (check terms and conditions). Take your time an watch your DVDs as many times as you want.

How much does it cost?

Online DVD Rentals typically have a number of packages, based on the number of DVDs you want to borrow at any one time. The more DVDs you want to borrow at once, the higher the rental fees. The cheapest option is to rent one DVD at a time, watch it and return it to get the next one on your list of selected DVDs. However if you are a film buff, you can opt for a more expensive package that allows you to borrow two or more DVDs at the same time.

We haven't specified any prices as the prices change due to competition between the DVD Rentals sites.

Free Trials

You may be offered a free trial with some packages as online DVD rentals sites compete to get you as a customer. You can take advantage of this, but as with everything that's free check the small print. If you decide not to continue a service, make sure that you cancel it immediately and return your DVDs before the end of the trial period.

What is the difference between online and shops

Online DVD rentals sites have a larger selection than local shops, and they tend to be cheaper due to lower overheads. The drawback is that you have to wait for the post, whereas you can get a DVD from a shop immediately. As most online DVD rentals sites send DVDs by first class post, this is not a major problem for most people.


Online DVD rentals sites generally charge you a monthly fee, which is deducted from your credit card.


You should be able to cancel your DVD rental contract within a reasonable length of time, as stated in the terms and conditions.


Online DVD rentals sites operate in a similar way to shopping and other e-commerce sites. They should operate with a high level of security for processing payments and protect your personal information. Always check the privacy and security statements on their sites, if you are not sure, go elsewhere. There are plenty of Online DVD rentals sites so pick one that you feel safe with.

The online DVD rental sites listed on this page are for your information and Guidance. UK Cinemas does not endorse any particular DVD rental site and is not responsible for the DVDs rented from the sites listed. UK Cinemas will not mediate or get involved in any disputes or problems regarding DVDs hired from any of the sites listed on this page.