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  5. 17th April 2016

UK Cinema Box Office Top 10 17th April 2016

Here is the UK Box office top ten for the weekend 15th to 17th April 2016.

Pos.FilmWeekend TotalGross Total
1The Jungle Book £9.9M £9.9M
2Zootopia £1.1M £20.7M
3Eye in the Sky £1.1M £1.1M
4Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice £1.0M £35.3M
5Eddie the Eagle £0.8M £7.3M
6The Huntsman: Winter's War £0.6M £4.4M
7Fan £0.4M £0.4M
8Theri £0.3M £0.3M
9Criminal £0.2M £0.2M
10Kung Fu Panda 3 £0.2M £13.3M

10. Kung Fu Panda 3
Po and his army of pandas stay in the charts for a sixth week, dropping to ten.

9. Criminal
A new entry at nine Criminal is an action packed thriller about a criminal who has the memories of a spy implanted in his head so that the CIA can stop an international terrorist plot.

8. Theri
A new entry at eight Theri tells the story of a cop forced to take on different identities to avoid a political gang.

7. Fan
A new entry at seven Fan follows a young man on his journey to meet the movie star he idolises.

6. The Huntsman: Winter's War
Last week's number one, the warring witches in The Huntsman: Winter's War drop down to six.

5. Eddie the Eagle
He's definitely out of the running for a top spot as Eddie the Eagle drops one place to five.

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Oh, how the mighty have fallen, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice drops to four.

3. Eye in the Sky
A new entry at three Eye in the Sky is a tense thriller about an operation involving a drone flying a mission to stop a terrorist attack. Things don't go according to plan and as the seconds tick by, difficult decisions need to be made.

2. Zootopia
The furry city dwelling mammals stay in the second spot for another week.

1. The Jungle Book
And coming straight in at the top, the film that needs no introduction, The Jungle Book takes us on a journey with Mowgli and his friends.

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