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Powys books and maps

Here is a list of books for Powys that you may find useful.

Powys books: Maps

Philips Street Atlas Powys (Philip's Street Atlases S.)
Philips Street Atlas Powys (Philip's Street Atlases S.)

New, and the only detailed colour atlas of that gives comprehensive coverage of Powys. The mapping is based on Ordnance Survey data and gives the user complete coverage of all urban and rural areas. The mapping is at a scale of 1 3/4 inches to 1 mile (1 1/3 inches to 1 mile in the pocket edition) with larger scale mapping of 3 1/2 inches to 1 mile (2 2/3 inches to 1 mile in the pocket edition). he mapping is also complete with postcode boundaries. The atlas is ideally suited for both business and leisure use. There is a route-planning map at the front of the atlas. The main maps show every named road, street and lane clearly with through-routes highlighted. School locations are marked and emergency services, hospitals, police stations, car parks and rail and bus station locations are all featured. There is a comprehensive index in both English and Welsh of street names and postcodes including schools, industrial estates, hospitals, sports centres, etc. These are highlighted in red. Philip's have already mapped all of England, this atlas is another step towards our intentions to map all of Wales in 2005.

Price: £5.29

Publication: January 24, 2005

Philips Street Atlas Powys (Philip's Street Atlases S.)   Philips Street Atlas Powys (Philip's Street Atlases S.)

Powys books: Travel Guides

Real Powys (Real Wales)
Real Powys (Real Wales)

The old kingdom of Powys covers some of the most remote and thinly populated parts of Britain and this guidebook explores the towns and villages of this dramatic landscape in mid-Wales through the eyes of one of its long-time residents. Observant, passionate, witty, and offbeat, this handbook takes in the waters at the spa towns Builth, Llandrindod and Llanwrtyd, pauses at the court of Owain Glyndwr and the death scene of Llywellyn the Last, and surveys both the ruined Abbey Cwmhir and bustling Newtown. With a broad knowledge of its history and topography, this account is a perfect introduction to contemporary life in Powys.

Price: £9.99

Publication: 15 Nov 2011

Real Powys (Real Wales)   Real Powys (Real Wales)

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