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Leicestershire books and maps

Here is a list of books for Leicestershire that you may find useful.

Leicestershire books: Maps

Leicestershire County Planning Map: No. 1A
Leicestershire County Planning Map: No. 1A

County Wall Map of Leicestershire at a scale of 1:100,000. The map measures approximately 1000 x 900mm. Part of a new series of county wall maps published by The Map Centre Press to include each county of England. These maps use the very latest mapping information from Collins Bartholomew to produce attractive and informative wall maps. The county administrative boundary is highlighted on each map and for added emphasis the mapping outside the boundary has been faded out. These maps are ideal for any county-based businesses or organisations.

Price: £19.99

Publication: 28 April 2009

Leicestershire County Planning Map: No. 1A   Leicestershire County Planning Map: No. 1A

Leicestershire Street Atlas
Leicestershire Street Atlas

Price: £9.75

Publication: May 1, 2003 [Folded Map] [Map]

Leicestershire Street Atlas   Leicestershire Street Atlas

Philip's Street Atlas Leicestershire & Rutland
Philip's Street Atlas Leicestershire & Rutland

This spiral-bound street atlas of Leicestershire and Rutland gives comprehensive and detailed coverage of the area. The route planner shows all the A and B roads, and can be used when driving to get close to the destination before turning to the relevant large-scale street map. The street maps show every named road, street and lane very clearly, with major roads picked out in colour. The maps are at a standard scale of 3.5 inches to 1 mile, and show postcode boundaries. Leicester city centre is shown at 7 inches to 1 mile. Other information on the maps includes car parks, railway and bus stations, post offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, police and fire stations, places of worship, leisure centres, footpaths and bridleways, camping and caravan sites, golf courses, and many other places of interest. New to this edition are fixed single and multiple speed-camera locations, with corresponding speed limits. The comprehensive index lists street names and postcodes, plus schools, hospitals, railway stations, shopping centres and other such features picked out in red, with other places of interest shown in blue.

Price: £11.99

Publication: 19 Mar 2012

Philip's Street Atlas Leicestershire & Rutland   Philip's Street Atlas Leicestershire & Rutland

Leicestershire books: History & Heritage

Battlefields of Leicestershire
Battlefields of Leicestershire

Leicestershire has been the scene of many important battles. It is perhaps best known for the Battle of Bosworth Field, at which Richard III was defeated, and for its role during the English Civil War. There is much more to discover, though, and in this book Trevor Hickman uncovers the sites of battles that have taken place throughout history, as well as military sites - from skirmishes to the Vikings to Second World War airfields and gun emplacements. This book includes old and new photographs, engravings, paintings and maps and is sure to be an extremely useful source of information to locals and visitors alike.

Price: £15.29

Publication: October 23, 2004

Battlefields of Leicestershire   Battlefields of Leicestershire

Leicestershire Events
Leicestershire Events

LEICESTERSHIRE has had an eventful history. As with other counties, for the most part the story is of the centuries-long progression of the agricultural years, the growth of towns, of industry and of population. But, from time to time, something happens that, if there had been television, would have put Leicestershire on the news and in the headlines of the next day's papers. A book about events must be selective ...ranging from those that shaped the county's history and even that of the nation, to those that only feature in the local sporting calendar, like the annual Bottle-Kicking at Hallaton. Fox-Hunting is the county's most widely-known sport and gave rise to many events, not least the first meeting of King Edward VIII with Mrs Simpson, for he was an active hunter! For those who now live in the county, whether their parents or grandparents did, there is an enormous fascination in knowing what happened next door, down the street, or in the next hamlet, in the past. There are some very recent events, such as the great discovery of gold and silver coins in 2002, some a little earlier, like the callous murder by Earl Ferrers of his steward in 1760, the first Cook's tour in 1814, or the production of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera at Wyggeston Boys school. But throughout this very entertaining and splendidly illustrated book the author succeeds in casting new light on the fascinating history of Leicestershire by picking on the juicy bits! That is an event!!

Price: £14.39

Publication: October 5, 2004

Leicestershire Events   Leicestershire Events

Leicestershire books: Art & Culture

Good Gargoyle Guide: Medieval Carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland
Good Gargoyle Guide: Medieval Carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland

Leicestershire and Rutland churches have a wealth of mostly undocumented Romanesqueand medieval figurative carvings. This guide includes notable examples of Green Men, tongue-pokers, face-pullers and other grotesques.

Price: £6.95

Publication: March 1, 2004 [Paperback]

Good Gargoyle Guide: Medieval Carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland   Good Gargoyle Guide: Medieval Carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland

Leicestershire books: Walking and Tours

Leicestershire Country Park Walks
Leicestershire Country Park Walks

"Leicestershire Country Parks Walks" is a guide to walks in and around 20 beautiful and varied country parks and nature reserves. Short circular walks of one or two miles on easy paths and tracks suitable for beginners and the less active can be extended into longer walks leading out to neighbouring villages and places of interest. Items of local and historical interest are described in the introduction to each walk and the maps are highlighted to show the route with numbers on the maps linked to the text.

Price: £5.75

Publication: May 2010

Leicestershire Country Park Walks   Leicestershire Country Park Walks

Leicestershire Round: A 100 Mile Circular Walk
Leicestershire Round: A 100 Mile Circular Walk

The Leicestershire Round is a 100 mile circular walk around the county connecting many places of historical and geographical interest. The route was devised by the Leicestershire Footpath Association to celebrate the centenary of their founding in 1887. Treasured by local walkers the route forms the common thread for everything from charity marathons to innumerable shorter walks. It is the county's main long-distance footpath and a flagship for the local rights of way network. The route of the Round mostly follows public rights of way, though there are some sections on quiet roads, unsurfaced tracks and canal towpath. This guidebook has been arranged so it may be walked as a series of day walks using public transport or a car. All of the route has been improved and fully signed and waymarked. It may be used by both long distance walkers and those out for an afternoon stroll.

Price: £5.00

Publication: Nov 2011

Leicestershire Round: A 100 Mile Circular Walk   Leicestershire Round: A 100 Mile Circular Walk

Pocket Pub Walks - Leicestershire & Rutland
Pocket Pub Walks - Leicestershire & Rutland

Fifteen circular walks ranging between 3 and a half to 6 miles, taking you through the beautiful scenery of Exmoor and The Quantocks. This book fits neatly into a pocket and also gives you information on places of interest along the way.

Price: £4.99

Publication: 28 April 2011

Pocket Pub Walks - Leicestershire & Rutland   Pocket Pub Walks - Leicestershire & Rutland

Leicestershire books: General Interest

Leicestershire (British Railways Past & Present S.)
Leicestershire (British Railways Past & Present S.)

This work talks about the Midland main line from Loughborough to Market Harborough; Midland lines from Leicester (West Bridge); Lines around Melton Mowbray; LNWR lines to Loughborough (Derby Road) and Hinckley; GNR & LNWR Joint line from Bottesford to Hallaton and Leicester (Belgrave Road); and Great Central line from Loughborough to Lutterworth.

Price: £15.33

Publication: January 24, 2005 [Illustrated] [Paperback]

Leicestershire (British Railways Past & Present S.)   Leicestershire (British Railways Past & Present S.)

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