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Sutton Coldfield books: History & Heritage

The Story of Sutton Coldfield
The Story of Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield, now administratively part of Birmingham, is a town of 100,000 inhabitants with a long and interesting history. Its 20 square miles comprise a variety of natural landscapes: in 1086 the Domesday Book recorded a mixture of arable land, woodland, heath and common, and 500 inhabitants. Roger Lea's history of Sutton tracks the fortunes of these people and their successors through the next 900 years, showing how their lives were influenced by local and national trends and events. Through medieval and Tudor times, and throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the town steadily grew, suffering some setbacks along the way - especially when enclosure of the extensive commons took place. With the advent of the railways came the threat of industrialization, and possible absorption into the Black Country. But Sutton survived throughout the Victorian period and into the 20th century as a desirable place to live, with its healthy air and huge park, an easy commuting distance from the centre of Birmingham and the industrial midlands. Roger Lea draws on his knowledge of Sutton Coldfield's history, and should appeal to everyone who lives in the town.

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Publication: March 20, 2003

The Story of Sutton Coldfield   The Story of Sutton Coldfield

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