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Filey books and maps

Here is a list of books for Filey that you may find useful.

If you plan to travel to Filey you may be interested in some guide books and travel books that will help you plan your stay in Filey and to find your way around. Click on any book for more information or to buy.

Filey books: Maps

Scarborough, Bridlington & Filey (OS Landranger Map Active)
Scarborough, Bridlington & Filey (OS Landranger Map Active)

Tough, durable and weatherproof, this title features maps that are covered in a lightweight protective plastic coating that can be written on, so that your favourite routes can be easily highlighted.

Price: £12.23

Publication: 16 April 2012

Scarborough, Bridlington & Filey (OS Landranger Map Active)   Scarborough, Bridlington & Filey (OS Landranger Map Active)

Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey (Landranger Maps) (OS Landranger Map)
Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey (Landranger Maps) (OS Landranger Map)

Perfect for day trips and short breaks, the OS Landranger Map series covers Great Britain with 204 detailed maps. Each map provides all the information you need to get to know your local area and includes places of interest, tourist information, picnic areas and camp sites, plus Rights of Way information for England and Wales.

Price: £5.24

Publication: 13 Feb 2006

Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey (Landranger Maps) (OS Landranger Map)   Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey (Landranger Maps) (OS Landranger Map)

Filey books: History & Heritage

Filey Through Time
Filey Through Time

The North Yorkshire seaside town of Filey started life as an important fishing village. Whole families were employed in the industry and the fish caught here were transported to Lancashire and beyond, first by horse and cart and later by train. The railway's arrival in North Yorkshire had a dramatic effect, as suddenly fish was available to the workingclass masses of the industrial towns and cities. By the late nineteenth century, 160 fish wagons were leaving Filey station daily.As tourists began to flock to the town to 'sea bathe' for their health, hotels sprang up on the seafront, hosting many wealthy and distinguished Victorian visitors, such as Charles Dickens, J. R. R. Tolkein, and even royalty! Tourism has remained the lifeblood of Filey ever since. In the 1950s, the heyday of seaside holidays, Filey and the nearby Butlins holiday camp attracted thousands of visitors every year and day trippers still flock to the town today.

Price: £12.79

Publication: 28 Oct 2011

Filey Through Time   Filey Through Time

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