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Belfast books and maps

Here is a list of books for Belfast that you may find useful.

If you plan to travel to Belfast you may be interested in some guide books and travel books that will help you plan your stay in Belfast and to find your way around. Click on any book for more information or to buy.

Belfast books: Maps

Belfast Pocket Guide, 3rd (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)
Belfast Pocket Guide, 3rd (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)

Paperback: 144 pages
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 1.3 x 16.5 cm

Price: £5.24

Publication: 13 Jan 2011

Belfast Pocket Guide, 3rd (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)   Belfast Pocket Guide, 3rd (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)

Philip's Street Atlas Belfast (Philip's Street Atlases)
Philip's Street Atlas Belfast (Philip's Street Atlases)

The second impression of this street atlas, giving comprehensive coverage of Greater Belfast and the region from Antrim and Carrickfergus in the north to Lurgan and Portavogie in the south. No other atlas shows every street in this region.This atlas is part of a series of four atlases providing unique, comprehensive coverage of the whole of Northern Ireland.The mapping is based on Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland data and gives the user complete coverage of all urban and rural areas. The mapping is at a standard scale of 3 1/2 inches to 1 mile although some of the more rural areas are mapped at 1 3/4 inches to 1 mile. Belfast city centre is shown at 7 inches to 1 mile. The mapping also includes the townland names in rural areas with postcode boundaries shown throughout.The atlas is ideally suited for both business and leisure use. There is a route-planning map at the front of the atlas. The main maps show every named road, street and lane clearly with through-routes highlighted. School locations are marked and emergency services, hospitals, police stations, car parks and rail and bus station locations are all featured. There are separate comprehensive indexes of street names (with highlighted schools, industrial estates, hospitals, and sports centres); towns and villages; and townlands.Main map scale: 3.5 inches to 1 mile and 1.75 inches to 1 mile

Price: £8.27

Publication: 5 May 2009

Philip's Street Atlas Belfast (Philip's Street Atlases)   Philip's Street Atlas Belfast (Philip's Street Atlases)

Belfast books: Travel Guides

Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)
Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)

The latest in our series of local UK guides for everyone who wants to re-discover Britain's gems! Ideal for on-the-spot use, this Belfast edition make the perfect companion for both first-time and repeat visitors. It's packed with a diverse range of things to see and do, highlighting everything that visitors simply cannot afford to miss. The top 10 attractions are recommended, including the ornate Crown Liquor Saloon and the Grand Opera House, so you can be sure you will see the very best of Belfast, plus fascinating facts and tips are provided throughout to help you make the most of your stay. You will find irresistible walks and tours specially designed to suit every interest and taste. All routes are timed and accompanied by easy-to-follow maps for stress-free navigation and feature hand-picked places to eat, drink and shop en route. There is also a handy overview map for each area providing instant orientation at a glance. There is plenty of practical travel advice, including information on active and themed holidays. There is also information on transport and where to find the best locally produced food. When it comes to accommodation this guide covers everything from family-friendly B&Bs to small boutique hotels. This guide also features beautiful full-colour photography throughout.

Price: £5.24

Publication: 9 Feb 2011

Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)   Insight Guides: Great Breaks Belfast (Insight Great Breaks)

Belfast books: History & Heritage

Belfast's Lost Tramways
Belfast's Lost Tramways

Stenlake Publishing (1 Oct 2003)

Price: £7.41

Publication: 1 Oct 2003

Belfast's Lost Tramways   Belfast's Lost Tramways

Belfast: A History
Belfast: A History

Understanding the past - where we have come from and what has moulded us - is important everywhere, and nowhere more so than in Northern Ireland's largest city. For 250 years Belfast, though quite unlike anywhere else in Ireland, was similar to many of the other great industrial cities of the United Kingdom. It embraced the industrial revolution wholeheartedly, and witnessed enormous economic success and expansion as a result. In its heyday it was a great port, a powerhouse of linen manufacturing, ship-building, and engineering, and a truly dominant force in the northern Irish economy. As the iconic shell of RMS Titanic was taking shape high above her Queen's Island birthplace, Edwardian Belfast was near the peak of her economic might. But within the city there developed patterns of community division and conflict - based on religion - which in their severity and seeming permanence have rendered it quite unique among the cities of the British Isles. From the seventeenth-century Ulster plantations to Catholic migration from elsewhere in Ireland, the particular mix of people in Belfast has always been different from everywhere else and has fundamentally shaped the city's identity and history over successive centuries. Much of the industry has now gone, and for many years the city had to struggle with the pain of adjustment, at the same time as it was being scarred by a generation of the Troubles. Now, with a hard-won peace, investment and renewed hope, it is an excellent time to stand back and make a new assessment of the history that has brought Belfast to where it is today. Historian William Maguire, who has lived in Belfast for most of his life, succeeds here in painting an accurate, authentic and above all a balanced picture of the city, its events and its people.

Price: £11.51

Publication: 12 Nov 2009

Belfast: A History   Belfast: A History

Belfast books: General Interest

Wild Belfast
Wild Belfast

Wild Belfast tells the fascinating story of the wild creatures and plants that live within the urban environment of Northern Ireland's capital. The book also takes a fresh look at the common plants that colonise our derelict urban spaces and the invertebrates that crawl about our gardens. A unique feature of the book is a guide to some of the best sites in the area for observing wildlife: how to get there, the best time to visit, and a flavour of what might be seen. With its absorbing text and over three hundred full-colour illustrations, this book will inspire everyone to discover Wild Belfast for themselves.

Price: £11.34

Publication: October 2003

Wild Belfast   Wild Belfast

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