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Aberdeen books and maps

Here is a list of books for Aberdeen that you may find useful.

If you plan to travel to Aberdeen you may be interested in some guide books and travel books that will help you plan your stay in Aberdeen and to find your way around. Click on any book for more information or to buy.

Aberdeen books: Maps

Aberdeen Street Atlas (A-Z Street Atlas)
Aberdeen Street Atlas (A-Z Street Atlas)

This A-Z map of Aberdeen is a full colour street atlas, featuring 48 pages of continuous mapping that extends from central Aberdeen to:

Aberdeen Airport
Also included is a large scale city centre map of Aberdeen.

Postcode districts, one-way streets and safety camera locations with their maximum speed limit are featured on the mapping.

The index section lists streets, selected flats, walkways and places of interest, place, area and station names, hospitals and hospices covered by this atlas.

A road map of the Aberdeen area is featured on the back cover.

Price: £4.12

Publication: (21 Jun 2011)

Aberdeen Street Atlas (A-Z Street Atlas)   Aberdeen Street Atlas (A-Z Street Atlas)

Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar (Explorer Maps) (OS Explorer Map)
Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar (Explorer Maps) (OS Explorer Map)

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking, horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels, pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way, permissive paths and bridleways.

Price: £5.75

Publication: (11 Jun 2007)

Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar (Explorer Maps) (OS Explorer Map)   Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar (Explorer Maps) (OS Explorer Map)

Aberdeen books: Travel Guides

Aberdeen, pocket guides (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)
Aberdeen, pocket guides (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)

Price: £3.43

Publication: 13 Jan 2011

Aberdeen, pocket guides (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)   Aberdeen, pocket guides (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides)

The Wee Book of Aberdeen
The Wee Book of Aberdeen

The "Silver City with the Golden Sands" is one of the UK's most attractive cities. Along with images of Aberdeen's beauty are others chronicling the city's many different facets. For anyone who has connections to Aberdeen, this is truly a must-have album.

Price: £5.99

Publication: April 2004

The Wee Book of Aberdeen   The Wee Book of Aberdeen

Aberdeen books: History & Heritage

Maritime Aberdeen
Maritime Aberdeen

Aberdeen has been at the centre of maritime industry and events in the United Kingdom for centuries. This most northerly of cities has been in its day the home of the first and finest of British clipper ships, the biggest Scottish fishing port and capital of the European offshore oil and gas industry. Although disadvantaged by its relative remoteness from the rest of the UK, the city has always looked to the sea from its livelihood, trade and sustenance. From fishing boats to ferries, from clipper ships to liners and from oil rig support vessels to the city's history of shipbuilding, all aspects of Aberdeen's rich maritime heritage are shown here in this unique collection of images from Aberdeen Maritime Museum. They show principally the work and ingenuity of the people of Aberdeen who, through their maritime enterprise, developed and sailed some of the finest ships in the world.

Publication: September 2004

Maritime Aberdeen   Maritime Aberdeen

Aberdeen books: Walking and Tours

25 Walks: Aberdeen
25 Walks: Aberdeen

Mercat Press walking books are practical guides and attractive souvenirs. Written by experienced authors, they can be used with confidence. The carefully selected local walks are accompanied by easy-to-use maps and colour photographs.

In and around Aberdeen describes 25 walks in the city and surrounding countryside. It will be enjoyed by visitors and Aberdonians alike, as local people will find that it throws new light on familiar scenes. The book takes you to little known corners of Aberdeen and to the hills in and near the city. It visits the Sands of Forvie, teeming with bird life, and heads for Bennachie and the eerie ruins of Gight Castle. Whether it is history, scenery or good walking that you are looking for, they all come together in this book.

Price: £7.59

Publication: September 2004

25 Walks: Aberdeen   25 Walks: Aberdeen

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: 40 Coast and Country Walks
Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: 40 Coast and Country Walks

Aberdeenshire has a stunning coastline with vast, spectacular sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Inland is fertile, peaceful farmland rising to the moors and finally the foothills of the Cairngorms. Its beating heart is the thriving city of Aberdeen. We help you find the best walking routes in all parts of Aberdeenshire, from the exciting clifftop coastal walks to the ever popular Bennachie. We've carefully researched each of the walks, giving up to date, reliable information to help you get the most from your visit to this fascinating part of Scotland.

Price: £6.29

Publication: 4 Jun 2011

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: 40 Coast and Country Walks   Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire: 40 Coast and Country Walks

Aberdeen books: General Interest

Pathfinder Aberdeen & Royal Deeside (Pathfinder Guide)
Pathfinder Aberdeen & Royal Deeside (Pathfinder Guide)

The Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board describes the area as 'Royal Deeside, Whisky, Castles and Coast' and it is easy to see why. The royal connection is most obvious around Balmoral, and there are castles and distilleries throughout the area. There are also spectacular coastal routes, such as Collieston and the Sands of Forvie, Cruden Bay and the Bullers of Buchan, and a route from Cullen along a disused railway that takes walkers past Bow Fiddle Rock. Magnificent views of the surrounding countryside can be seen from Scolty Hill, Tap o'Noth (site of an Iron Age fort) and Mither Tap. This fully revised edition includes brand new walks at Loch of Fyvie, Glen Tanar and Tarland.

Price: £9.59

Publication: (7 Sep 2009)

Pathfinder Aberdeen & Royal Deeside (Pathfinder Guide)   Pathfinder Aberdeen & Royal Deeside (Pathfinder Guide)

Aberdeen and Beyond: At Work and Play
Aberdeen and Beyond: At Work and Play

Illustrated. Hardcover. 160 pp. A must-have for anyone interested in the changing facade of the Scottish highlands, this stunning collection features images and observations of life in Aberdeen and the North-east from days goneby. The changing lifestyles in towns and villages are investigated in Raymond Anderson's account of the history of the region, using photographs and historical examinations to focus on the people working in various trades, some that are no longer present, as well as the fun times people had at events held throughout the region. From Highland Games and agricultural shows to beaches, ballroom dances and concerts - Aberdeen and Beyond has it all.

Price: £13.59

Publication: Black & White Publishing, Hardcover - 5 Oct 2010

Aberdeen and Beyond: At Work and Play   Aberdeen and Beyond: At Work and Play

Images of Aberdeen
Images of Aberdeen

For more than 100 years, the Evening Express and its sister paper, the Press and Journal, have been recording the lives of Aberdeen folk on camera. From the momentous to the mundane, all aspects of the city's character and development have been preserved for posterity. With the passage of time, even the most straightforward picture of a street scene takes on special significance. Hundreds of Aberdeen's streets disappeared as it was rebuilt over the course of a century, yet the memories of the people who inhabited them remain, ready to be rekindled by an evocative photograph. From local disasters to celebrity appearances, from holidays to the changing world of work, a century of life in the Silver City is presented here to educate and entertain. New residents and old will enjoy this proud look at one of Scotland's most dynamic cities.

Publication: October 2004

Images of Aberdeen   Images of Aberdeen

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