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Airport Architecture (Architecture in Focus)
Airport Architecture (Architecture in Focus)

Airports today are much more than gateways to cities, countries or continents. They have developed into city-like complexes and multifunctional systems, which while being set up to serve the needs of smoothly running air traffic, at the same time have taken on all the functions of a normal community: sleeping, shopping, work and leisure time and all that increasingly with 24-7 access. After an era of purely functional architecture, the nodal points of air traffic have become one of the most prominent architectural tasks of the present. Drawing on 60 examples, this volume shows the exciting multiplicity of contemporary airport construction and design. The projects presented include the newest large scale airports, as well as long term building projects, smaller airports at more remote locations as well as expansions and individual new functional areas like air traffic control centers, hangars or lounges. Air

Price: £45.00

Publication: 16 April 2012

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Airport Operations 3/E [Hardcover]
Airport Operations 3/E [Hardcover]

Fully revised for the latest FAA, ICAO, and IATA standards and regulations, Airport Operations, Third Edition, provides proven strategies and best practices for efficiently managing airport functions. This in-depth resource offers a broad perspective on the privatization of air transport worldwide. To reflect theevolution of regulatory guidance, two new chapters have been added to address safety management systems and airport operations control centers. New informationon the latest trends, including security, environmental impact control, and emerging technologies, is also included. Authoritative yet accessible, this practical reference is ideal for aviation educators, students, airport personnel, airport planners and designers, and aviation managers at all levels.

Price: £33.31

Publication: 1 Dec 2012

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Airport Spotting Guides Europe
Airport Spotting Guides Europe

The aviation enthusiast's complete resource for visiting Europe's best airports, covering all the information you'll need to know on your visit, including: Detailed airport layout maps, official and unofficial spotting locations, the best locations for photography, nearby aviation attractions at each airport, hotels with views, radio frequencies, runway and airline details, country-by-country overviews of airports and museums.

Price: £11.99

Publication: 3 Jan 2012

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Managing Airports 4th Edition: An international perspective
Managing Airports 4th Edition: An international perspective

Managing Airports presents a comprehensive and cutting-edge insight into today's international airport industry.

Price: £31.99

Publication: 27 Sep 2013

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The Airport Business (Paperback)
The Airport Business (Paperback)

Starting from the premise that airports can be run as commercial successes, The Airport Business aims to place the business as a whole within a conceptual framework. The author examines the major issues facing airports throughout the world, and offers an insight into how to deal with the major economic and financial difficulties that are likely to arise in the next decade.

Price: £38.99

Publication: 27 Aug 1992

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The World's Top 500 Airports
The World's Top 500 Airports

Equally loved and loathed by the public and the media, airports are crucial to the operation of passenger and airfreight services worldwide. "The World's Top 500 Airports" is the leading guide on the subject. It contains a brief history of each airport, details of runways and terminals, annual passenger numbers and aircraft movements. For the 'Top 250' airports there is a map, details of the main user airlines, and details of whether traffic is scheduled, chartered, passenger or freight. Freight traffic figures and ranking for freight are also given. Data and world rankings are supplied by the US-based Airports Council International.

Price: £19.20

Publication: 31 Dec 2009 [Hardcover]

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