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Ritz Cinema & Theatre, The

Ritz Cinema & Theatre, The,Lincoln Information
There are few buildings in Lincoln that can provoke more nostalgic affection than The Ritz Cinema on Lincoln's High Street, both due to the appeal of the older and more charming generations of cinematic masterpieces that were shown at the venue, and the realisation it may well be Lincoln's finest example of a classic Art Deco building. Laying dormant for well over a decade, the building housed the dust covered remains of the original cinema on the upper floors and has slowly come to life once again with the dreams and ambitions of The Ritz Team, working with the local community to bring the magnificent building back to life as a fully operational period cinematic experience, and community hub for Lincoln's High Street once again.
Ritz Cinema & Theatre, The,Lincoln Address
Ritz Cinema & Theatre, The
143-147 High Street
Map and Directions
Ritz Cinema & Theatre, The,Lincoln Telephone No.
01522 528348