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Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society,Camberley Information
The Camberley Lodge is a very friendly, informal and unstuffy group of people. The Theosophical Society, which has Lodges all over the world, was formed in 1875 and exists to promote 3 objectives: 1. to promote brotherliness, regardless of any race, creed, caste, or colour 2. to encourage the study of comparitive religion, philosophy, and science. 3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.
The topics at our meetings are therefore exciting and wide ranging and cover a broad range of very interesting subjects : from modern physics, to esoteric belief systems. We explore different belief systems and religions, various philosophies, and innovations in science. Additionally, we aim to develop ourselves spiritually. We discount nothing out of the ordinary. We have no initiations, dogmas, doctrines or rituals. Members are free to believe in whatever they choose and we only ask that they respect and tolerate the belief systems of others.
Theosophical Society,Camberley Address
Theosophical Society
Tekels Park Guest House
Tekels Park
GU15 2LF
Map and Directions
Theosophical Society,Camberley Telephone No.
01252 544123
We meet every Monday evening at 7:30pm. Additional events are held throughout the month. Please see our website or ring for details.
Enjoy coffee and biscuits and friendly chat after the meetings.
We do not serve alcohol.
There is ample private parking alongside the meeting room.
Whilst the group mostly comprises adults, please ring to arrange to bring along your child or children. We have no creche facilities but visitors who have no child care facilities are asked to bring along some activity for their child whilst the lecture takes place. We ask only that children remain as quiet as possible.
disabled facilities
There is only one low step to negotiate from the back door into the meeting room and we regulary and frequently welcome a number of disabled visitors. We have a disabled lavatory next to the meeting room and easy access to refreshments.
Admission is free, but we invite donations from those who wish to contribute of about £2 per lecture in order to offset costs.